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After waiting for a grueling 9 months full of suspense, you finally have brought home a brand new human being. The family cheers, the calls start pouring in, visitors are shuffling in and out, but you’re secretly getting tired of hearing comments about how big your nose actually still is! BREATHE!

  1. It is okay to hold off on the visitors, while you and your partner enjoy your little one.
  2. While it may be hard, it is okay to accept or ask for help with a few things around the house like cleaning and the laundry. You will be needing your sleep as the baby adjusts to a routine. [2]
  3. Gym guilt? Don’t put so much pressure on yourself for not being able to go back to your regular exercise routine just yet.
  4. As soon as you put the baby to bed, try to commit to at least 20 to 30 minutes of exercise. [3]
  5. Your baby can also take part in the fun too! Hold your baby while you squat and lunge. For your arms, lift the baby up and down overhead, which may get you some giggles and toned arms! [3]
  6. Try to take 10 minute walks daily. [3]
  7. Get support. Team up with other new moms or friends to keep motivated in working out. [3]
  8. Keep food stocked in the freezer, the baby’s first days are usually too hectic for mommy to be preparing family meals from scratch. [2]
  9. Let the baby sleep with you as studies say that it lessens the chance of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). [2]
  10. Prioritize sleep! Ask your partner or a family member to feed or hold the baby while you catch up on some precious sleep. [3]


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