10 Study DO’s and DON’Ts

Mar 20, 2019 | Uncategorized

There’s a lot that comes with the exam period, so we’ve taken the liberty to make your life a little more comfortable with these ten do’s and don’ts of studying! Let’s get those results!

Do take down important notes. To avoid missing any key points, make recordings with the permission of your lecturer.

Don’t study in bed! Bed + books = ZzZzz!

Do unplug! Sure you like watching singing kittens on the internet, but it can be a real waste of time when studying.

Don’t procrastinate, that only leads to painfully sleepless last minute study sessions that produce underwhelming results.

Do take breaks, we recommend that you take a 10-minute break after every hour of study.

Don’t just directly take on other people’s study strategies, create your own. One that allows study, rest and recreation.

Do stay organised! Keep timetables, fill in calendars, use sticky notes and set alarms.

Don’t eat heavy meals while studying as this may result in that sleepy feeling you get after eating a lot. [1]

Do keep fit or stretch as you may experience muscle tension from hours of studying. [2]

Don’t, and we repeat DO NOT overdose on caffeine or mix different energy products. The ingestion of these products in combination is not recommended and may result in severe heart rate rhythm abnormalities. [3]


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