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About Bioplus®
The Bioplus® Evolution.

Bioplus first hit the shelves in the early 80’s with the production of Bioplus® Syrup. The bottles appeared on pharmacy shelves across South Africa, and as demand for the syrup grew, Bioplus® gained a strong heritage on the market.

In light of the success of the syrup, 1992 saw a new edition to the Bioplus® family in the form of the effervescent tablet.

The years to come would bring about the Bioplus® Booster, Bioplus® Energy  drinks and Chews formulations. Who  knows what the future holds!

Our products have been formulated with B-complex vitamins which are instrumental in the conversion of carbohydrates to energy and the metabolism of fats. [1]

For your convenience, our products are available at pharmacies, retail stores, and garage shops because when life is moving at a pace, you need to get your hands on your energy boost whenever, wherever.

Adcock Ingram Healthcare is the backbone of the Bioplus® range success and is recognised as a second leading Branded Healthcare Company in South Africa, and our mission is to add value to your life. [2]

Whatever the challenge or the occasion, Bioplus® is there for your physical energy and mental vitality needs. Seize the day because now you have the energy!