About Bioplus®
The Bioplus® Evolution.

Well it all began in the early 70's when the first Bioplus® Syrup bottles appeared on pharmacy shelves across S.A. Demand for the syrup grew and Bioplus® gained a strong heritage in the medicinal market. So, in 1992 we introduced a new edition to the Bioplus® family in the form of the effervescent tablets.

Both products represent the medicinal offering within the Bioplus® range.

But there's more... In 2003 the launch of the Bioplus® Booster served to complement the medicinal Bioplus® offering. We want to ensure that you get the instant and sustained boost in a form that best suits your busy lifestyle and keeps you sharp! Our team eagerly developed Bioplus® Energy Drinks and Chews formulations. They're available at pharmacies, retail stores and garage shops because when life is moving at a pace you need to get your hands on sustained energy whenever, wherever.

Adcock Ingram Healthcare is the backbone to the Bioplus® range success. We're recognised as a leading Branded Healthcare Company in S.A. and our mission is to add value to your life.

No matter what the challenge and no matter what the occasion, Bioplus® will help with your physical energy and mental vitality. Seize the day because now you have the power!

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